Saturday, 20 December 2014

Unknown Bathtime Blonde - Lenz No.3

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Another shot of this unknown model appearing in Lenz No.3 and photographed by Ken Williams posing in the bath.  She appears in several publications including several shots of her alone and with Dawn Grayson in Kamera No.65, which also includes a double page spread of her!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Jayne Tracey - Fishnet Fancy!

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Jayne Tracey in Fishnets with no panties and a sheer top and a sultry look, what more do you need! A smoking shot of Jayne in the studio by R Fitzgerald, but could have moved the ashtray first!

Annette Johnson - A Platinum Rear! (Original)

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If I'm honest Annette Johnson isn't one of my favourite models, but I do prefer her when she was a platinum blonde in the mid 1960's. This is a shot of her from an original negative scanned by Kevin and although I'm not sure about the location, there is another shot of Annette on this wall that appears in Lenz No.3 by Ken Williams. Nice shot of her looking over her shoulder in black panties and stockings though!

Kim Courtenay - Girl Illustrated (1966)

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Having said there are not enough shots out there of Audrey Judson (Kim Courtenay) here is a cracking shot of her from Girl Illustrated, Summer Edition (1966).  What I hadn't noticed in the Harrison Marks shots is that she has freckles and very small nipples, but a wonderfully coy look as well!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

A Darker Della!

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Della Fox with dark hair rather than the recognisable long blonde locks we are more familiar with. Still the figure and boobs are easily recognisable and love the stockings and sheer panties over the suspender belt.

Nicky Stevens - Kamera Calendar, November 1968

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Out of sync with my other 1968 Kamera Calendar posts, but I'm sure you'll forgive me! The November page of the 1968 Kamera Calendar featuring Nicky Stevens in the snow with nothing more than white boots, hat and hand warmer to protect her from the elements! 

Don't forget today is the last UK postal day for all your 2nd class post if you want people to get it before Xmas! What a service I provide, nude women, witty banter and public service announcements :)

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Dawn Grayson - Understated Beauty!

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Sometimes the simplest of shots work the best without the need for a model to take her clothes off! This is one of those shots of Dawn Grayson looking ravishing, laying dressed on a sofa, although I wouldn't object if she proceeded to take her clothes off! I have no idea where this shot originates from or even if there are any more, but an enjoyable view anyway.

Paula Page - Blonde or Brunette?

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Two shots of Paula Page with her magnificent chest on display, but one as a blonde and one of her with darker hair, but which do you prefer? And does it even matter what colour her hair is, because let's face it you keep getting distracted by other things! Personally I prefer blondes :)

That's Not The Alps, Terry! (Original)

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After commenting yesterday that I was running out of snow shots for the festive season up popped this shot in my inbox from Terry, with the following note:

'Looking at the site today I see that you say you are running out of snow pictures. I thought you may like the attached shot of me working with a French girl called Marieange, in the snow at Walden Manor. The quality is not great, it's from a print given to me by Jim Clark (owner of Walden Manor) who took it. This was my first shoot with this girl and I also had a session with her and Rena Brown working together behind closed doors in a Boutique in Camden Town.'

Fantastic candid shot of Terry himself at work, although I'm not sure about the white winter coat and the poor girl must have been frozen like that! I'd love to see some of the Rena Brown shots as have so few of her for the site, but a big thanks to Terry for this great shot and always worth sharing.

Marble Beauty Marie Deveraux (Original)


Marie Deveraux posing between a couple of marble columns giving us a glimpse of her own beauties! Thanks to Kevin for sending through this scan of an original print of Marie possible taken by Harrison Marks.