Monday, 1 September 2014

Eva Wild (1950's)

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Eva Wild, one of the earlier Harrison Marks models that appeared in Kamera No.1, 6, 11 & No.15 as well as 'In Focus' issues No.1, 2 & No.13. As well as early copies of Carnival and Fiesta. This is an amazing shot of Eva by GHM and looks like it could have been a 'selfie' from the camera angle if taken today!

I love it when I get sent images from new contacts and this stunner of Eva comes from Kevin, whom I only just realized was also 'Kevintagist' over on eBay! Kevin runs Pinupmemories and has sent me through images in the past, but as soon as I saw this one I had to edit it and post it!

Kevin has some stunning original negatives over on his eBay site, including loads of great Harrison Marks slides, so go take a look. I'm hoping to tap him up for a few scans at some point, but what he has sent me so far, like Eva above are stunning high quality scans, so thanks Kevin!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Christine Jensen - A Great Pair of Bristols!

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Christine Jensen lounging across a staircase nude for Girl Illustrated Vol.3 No.26 (1969)

Moody Margaret - Escort 1967

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Vicky Kennedy (Margaret Nolan) from the funnies page of Escort Magazine (June 1967) wearing a fetching one piece swimsuit and found over on VEF

Friday, 29 August 2014

Kamera on Location (1958)

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In July I eventually managed to get hold of a copy of the 1958 hardback publication of 'Kamera on Location' by Harrison Marks. I've been after this book for sometime, but whenever it appeared on eBay it always went beyond my financial limit, due to it's rarity.  Anyway one came up in July on eBay and I found it by accident as it wasn't published under Harrison Marks, but vintage books. The condition was down as very good, but missing the dust cover and a price of £30, so I decided to go for that price and see what happened, well after 7 days of waiting to be outbid I won it for the asking price and a day later it turned up.

For those purists out there the lack of dust cover may have stopped most people, but for me I was after the book and content itself.

As you can see upon inspection the condition of the book itself is spot on, with the internal pages being clean, crisp and clear. The images of Pamela Green, Marie Deveraux & Lorraine Burnett within are exquisite, as you have seen from the scans here. So from my point of view worth every penny and another of Harrison Marks books to my growing collection. I now have Pamela & Kamera on Location, but still missing an actual copy of Vera & She Walks in Beauty, although I do have full scans of both books :)

As an added bonus, included in the book by the seller was the article below from an unknown magazine all about Harrison Marks and Kamera on Location, plus the inside parts of the dust cover.

I love this book and hope you do as I post more pages of it in the coming months ... Enjoy!

Pamela Green - The Golden Hour!

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Did Pamela Green ever take a bad photo? Looking at those I've published and seen so far I don't think so, in fact the camera loved her and whatever pose she tried seemed to work. 

The above image is a good example of her at her best posing for Harrison Marks on the Scilly Isles for Kamera on Location (1958). Taken with one of GHM's Rolleiflex (F.16/125) with a medium green filter in the golden hour (The hour before sunset) it captures Pam's glistening body in the setting sun to perfection.  The shape she had her body, the curve of the hip toward the camera and not even looking at the camera all set this shot up and seems so effortless. Truly the golden age of glamour photography I believe!

June Simpson - What's New Pussycat!

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June Simpson posing on a leopardskin rug from Photographic Rhythm No.1. Another great shot from Lawrence Venn of June, but it again looks cut out and pasted on a white background!

A Vintage Year for Lorraine Burnett!

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Lorraine Burnett on the front cover and inside pages of Monsieur No.10 (Late 1950's) posing in a black negligee and nude with a backdrop of wine bottles in a rack. What a nice rack it is!

Margaret Warhurst - A Classic 1950's Glamour Pose

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A restored 35mm slide featuring a young Margaret Warhurst, scanned and restore from a Walton Glamour slide from the late 1950's. A simple, but mesmerizing pose of Margaret on a chaise lounge!

An Impressive Bush From Carla!

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These 2 shots are from restored 35mm slides, that were again originally colour but so badly faded I converted them to black and white. Both shots are of a model named 'Carla' on the slides, but I have no doubt that this is also Pat Ebden showing us a lot more than usually seen with her! A sneak peak of her in the top shot, then full on bush in the bottom shot although a little blurry! 

To validate my reasoning that it is Pat Ebden, look at this shot of Pat & Tina Madison, same bed but different background and looking at Pat I would say taken at roughly the same time? I prefer the top shot and pose, just showing us a glimpse of something we shouldn't see :)

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Eve Eden - It's All in the Eyes!

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Right! before anyone moans about the bad editing, other than scanning and removing some scratches I've not touched these images of Eve Eden! These images are all from Photographic Rhythm No.1 by Lawrence Venn and raise all sorts of questions. Like why were the images not only retouched in the nether regions, but also the eyes! If you look closely the eyes on these and most of the other pages in this magazine look drawn on and not very well! It also looks as if Eve herself has been cut out and pasted onto a white or black background, again very badly. The top images is the best, but they get progressively worse as you go down the page. Which raises the question ... why? I know the main attraction of Ms Eden wasn't her eyes, but still I can't stop staring at them, when really my attention should be focussed on her wonderful figure, especially the second image :)