Friday, 19 September 2014

Marie Deveraux - A Sandy Outlook (1958)

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A very beachy view of Marie Deveraux from Kamera on Location (1958). Sitting topless in the sand dunes wearing  a sarong, blond wig and scarf. The scarf was obviously an accessory for the shoot as they all wore them and I know they were popular back then, but why wear both the wig and scarf? Anyway who cares about the scarf with that view :)

All Bubbly With Avra (1961)

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I decided I needed some colour in my posts today, so what better way than with Avra Bennett from Kamera No.37 (1961). Taken by Harrison Marks and one of the two colour centre page shots, Avra appears through-out Kamera No.37 in various poses in and out this tub and around the boudoir.

Just Wild About Eva! (Original)

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Eva Wild  - A play on her name in the title and also if you look closely she's a very natural girl down below, but cleverly hidden by the shadows! Great original shot from Kevin's collection of Harrison Marks negatives, with more great shots still to come!

Cover Girl Featuring Erica (Video)

I thought I'd try and do a video for a change and found this little beauty over on VEF with several other gems!

This is 'Cover Girl' (Film No.102) from 1960 featuring Erica in her only 8mm film appearance for Harrison Marks. It's missing the opening credits, but is complete apart from that and is very good quality considering it's age, but no sound on this one as I haven't had time to add any. I'll leave you to add your own sound effects! What else to say about this film other than letting you watch it? Well not only does it feature Erica and her fantastic body in all it's glory, but also features Pamela Green, the man himself Harrison Marks and a brief appearance of Jean Spaul. You also get a look behind the scenes at the Gerrard Street studio and last but not least Erica oiled up! Enjoy!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Rosalie Peters - Kamera Calendar, February 1968


There is a definitely a theme with the Kamera Calendar for 1968 by Harrison Marks, especially for the winter months, snow! Here we have Rosalie Peters sat sporting a very attractive bobble hat for the February page. I think she could do with some pants on though, as I bet her bum is cold sitting on that snow :)

Della Fox - Room With a View!

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A nude Della Fox posing in the light of a window and giving us and everyone that walked past a great view of her naked curves and sumptuous breasts! Thanks to Kevin for sharing this great Della image with me.

Maxine & The Look! (1960)

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Maxine (Maxine Ellis or Elaine Ecke take your pick!) from Kamera No.28 (1960) on the loft set by Harrison Marks. Leaning back in that long black negligee as it opens exposing her voluptuous body, she has a look on her face that says she knows what your looking at! Very true, but there is so much to look at one doesn't know where to start or stop.

Paual Page - Wonderful Danglers!

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Aren't those dangling earrings nice! Paula Page from the big book of breasts, kneeling on a bed in stockings and garter giving us an excellent view of those dangling earrings and pendulous Tits!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Ann Day - No Beating Around The Bush!

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No beating around the bush (pun intended), Ann Day was big in every department! Big hair, big tits and a big fully grown bush, wonderful! Shot taken by Harrison Marks.

Margaret Warhurst - Look at The Set of Lashes on Her! (1958)

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A very classical look from Margaret Warhurst from Kamera No.9 (1958), beautiful face, set of eye lashes and even better set of tits!