Saturday, 25 October 2014

Ann Austin - Kamera No.12 Cover (1958)

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The glorious Ann Austin gracing us with her full bosom and delicious curves on the cover of Kamera No.12 (1958).

An Upfront Nicky Stevens (Original)

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From one of my own 35mm slides comes a  scan of a very upfront Nicky Stevens in black negligee by Harrison Marks.

Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Rosa! (1958)

From the centre pages of Kamera No.13 (1958) we have Rosa by Harrison Marks, or if you need further identification Eve Eden formally known as Rosa Domaille.

Light Me Up Sylvana!

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Sylvana Manto in a topless pose having a smoke! Shots of these models posing nude or topless smoking always make me smile as it looks so unusual in today's world where smoking is no longer sociably acceptable. Still a classy shot of Sylvana wearing those gloves as well and she could smoke like that in my presence any time!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Hilde Beck - Are You My Mummy? (Original)

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Sorry couldn't resist the title (Doctor Who reference!) and other title options were far too rude! Anyway Hilde Beck (Hyldagarde) on the Pharaohs Set by Harrison Marks giving us a full uncensored view of those ample tits and untethered bush, fantastic shot! This comes from the very extensive collection of original negatives from Kevin, who always manages to send through the most exquisite shots of some of my favourite models.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dawn Grayson - A Perky Pair! (1966)

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I originally published this image of Dawn Grayson under the title of 'Give Them a Squeeze For Me Dawn' over a year ago here. Now I have a bigger and better version, which of Dawn can't be a bad thing and it comes directly from the pages of Kamera No.70 (1966), page 12 to be precise! 12 months on and I still love this shot of her and worth a re-visit.

Lorraine Burnett - A Bosom Hugging Shot (Restored)

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A restored 35mm colour slide of Lorraine Burnett posing in fishnets, red heels and long black gloves on the sofa as she squeezes her ample bosom between her arms! The colours were very washed out, so hard to recover back to original colours, but not a bad an effort.

Rosa Domaille - You Can Leave Your Coat On! (Original)

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Stunning shot of a younger Rosa Domaille (Eve Eden) posing in stockings and fur coat and not much else! A simple and effective shot where you can just imagine Rosa walking into the room in that fur coat and opening it up to reveal what you see before you! Thanks to Kevin for sharing this image from one of his original negatives.

Shoot! It's Virginia Green


Virginia Green, one of my favourite redheads posing as a cowgirl for Russell Gay. A view that would make any man misfire himself :) Re-printed in 1950's Glamour Book and I have another shot from this set that was one of the first VG shots I published.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Terry Maloney & The Stuffed Leopard!

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Terry Maloney by Russell Gay from Model No.14 posing with a stuffed leopard of all things! There are four shots in this magazine of Terry in different poses with the leopard, but thankfully Terry's massive tits are a much better distraction!