Friday, 18 April 2014

Frankly Frankie!

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Frankie (Francesca) Young looking very demure kneeling on the bed with her blouse open revealing her magnificent chest! I say demure, but does that word really match the view, maybe not.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Time For a Break!

Time for a break! With Easter coming up I've got a few days holiday added on and will be taking a break to spend some time with the family and enjoying some time off.

I may well do the odd post, but it won't be my usually high volume of posts you would normally expect, as I'll be out in the garden or doing equally as relaxing activities. I'll see you all after the Easter break for more of the same, but in the meantime have a good Easter and I leave you with a new model that I found had posed for GHM at some point ... Karen O'Sullivan another very busty model and a great colour shot of her below.

Happy Easter!


Julie - Kamera Calendar, February 1960

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The second post of the 1960 Kamera Calendar from my own scanned copy. This time Julie gracing the February page sporting a wonderful black negligee posing on a sheepskin rug.

Candy Earle & Three Lovely Beach Balls

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Not your usual post from me with this one of Candy Earle, but I do like her!. This comes from Escort Magazine (April 1968) and shows off Candy's great beach balls to good effect, although the multi-coloured one is hiding more than it's showing :)

Bedtime With Hazel


Hazel Taylor perched on the bedside looking ready for something, but not sure it's bedtime! Morning or night she would definitely get me up! Great shot publication unknown but reprinted in the 1960's Glamour Book.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pamela The Blond Bombshell

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If you'd not guessed I'm having a Pamela day and the different aliases that she posed under or hair colours she used. Here we have probably the most familiar and iconic view of Pam with her long blonde hair that she was more synonymous with later in her career. A beautiful view of her blonde locks and figure in this show on the witches coven set from 'Just Pamela Green'.

Princess Sonmar Harricks - Beauty In The Barn

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Princess Sonmar Harricks (Pamela Green) posing in the hay barn from Kamera No.37 (1961) with a very strategically placed thumb! The pubic region may look retouched, but it's known she shaved to reduce the retouching, so the thumb is very well placed or GHM got the angle of the shot spot on!

Rita in Pigtails!

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Possibly Pamela Green as Rita Landre, but a very early shot if it is and maybe not the normal red wig that was later associated with Rita Landre, but the look and make-up are similar for Rita. Taken from the pages of Kamera Special No.1 (1957) and a great pose and love the little bows all over the panties :)

Monday, 14 April 2014

Rochelle Lofting - That's Some Cleavage!

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Rochelle Lofting showing off her very ample bosom from the pages of Kamera Special No.1 (1957). Her huge bosom is obviously exaggerated by her waist being pulled in by what looks to be an overly tight belt around her waist. Still this shot still gives me the urge to bury my head between those two magnificent mounds!

Pamela Green - The Art of Nude, Milkcow Magazine

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The cover of Milkcow Magazine No.4 (October, 2009) featuring Pamela Green and the full interview and contents page for completeness. An interesting read if you didn't already know much about Pam's history and a good collection of accompanying photo's.