Monday, 28 July 2014

Jayne Tracey - An Open & Revealing Pose

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Jayne Tracey kneeling on a stool at a dressing table and posing in an open baby doll nightie.  Taken from the pages of the 1960's glamour book, which reprints models that posed for Russell Gay and others in the 1950's and 60's.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Lorraine Loves Leopard Skin!

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A younger Lorraine Burnett posing on the much loved and used leopard skin rug for Harrison Marks from the pages of Kamera Special No.1 (1959). She's almost breaking out into a smile in this shot!

Lorraine The Tea Lady!

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Lorraine Burnett from the Tri-coloured page of Parade No.1195 (3rd Nov 1962)wearing a see through baby doll nightie and fluffy slippers! She could serve me tea like that any day of the week!

Spicy Donna (Zigrinda) - Part 2

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The second set of shots from the 'Private Classics' set from the 1970's where she is named as spicy Donna and after the first set of images they start get get a bit ruder! Although who doesn't like a bit more spice every now and then! Full set so far ... Here

Pamela Green & The Fan Dance (1959)

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A made up Pamela Green performing the fan dance on stage from the pages of Kamera Backstage (1959) and very similar to this early shot of Marie Deveraux. I'm not sure in this shot if Pam was naked or she was wearing flesh coloured panties that were later retouched out!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Brenda Graham


A classic English blonde bombshell with a superb figure and curves in all the right places photographed by Russell Gay. Appeared in QT including the cover of No.21, but don't have those! I have a few more shots of her and a few 35mm slides, with this shot coming from the 1950's Glamour Book. Cracking figure and big teeth!

Terry Peters - Girl Illustrated No.19 (1968)

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A very different looking Terry Peters with auburn hair posing naked on the beach for Girls Illustrated Vol.2 No.19 (1968).

Ann Austin - Cushions & Curves

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Two shots of Ann Austin with short hair restored from 35mm slides taken in March 1963. These were originally colour slides, but so faded with a magenta hue that the colour was impossible to recover, so better converted to black and white. Colour or black and white it doesn't really matter as Ann, her tits and curvy figure look great either way!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Erica Backstage (1959)


The unforgettable (well her figure anyway!) Erica posing backstage as a stage hand reads a paper! The guy must be blind or had bromide slipped in his cup of tea to be ignoring that view!

I also recently found an uncensored shot of Erica in another publication, so will have to scan and publish that soon ;)

Bea Bea Showing Off Her Chu-Chu!

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Bea Bea Chu-Chu another model I thought I'd published before, but obviously not! Bea Bea appeared in Solo No.22, along with appearances in Kamera No.42, No.43, No.62, No.65 an No.82 and the Glamour Film No.17 'Chu-Chu'. The above shot plus others comes from Nature's Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969) where she shows off her assets to great effect and appears to have a less of a bushy growth than some other models! Not that I'm complaining :)